Big Cats
Cats are one of my favorite subjects to paint. I volunteered for 2 years at an exotic feline breeding compound in CA and learned so much from them. The fur, eyes an attitude just amazes me and excites me when I see all of this evolving.
Recently I had the pleasure of taking my first trip to Kenya to view and photograph the wildlife. I intend to return soon.
"Pride of the Plains"  oil  15" x 30"  - available - I saw this pride of lions (15 cubs) in Kenya - I'm working on a small companion piece of just the center cub."Heading for a Quiet Place"
oil  6" x 12"
SOLD  -    this is a painting of a very pregnant cheetah that I saw in Kenya. She was looking for a safe, quiet place to birth her cubs."Edge of the Grassland"   oil  15" x 30"  -sold (giclee prints available in as full size and smal)l."Amur" oil  9" x 12"  - available - one of the rarest of all the big cats."Lioness"  oil  12" x 9" - available, I'm working on the male lion to go with this one
African Wildlife
Having always wanted to paint African animals,  I first wanted to see them in their natural habitat.  I now have the pleasure to  paint from my personal experience in Kenya. I have enough reference to last forever but that won't stop me from returning for more & I'm anxious to paint some of the different species I observed.
"Elephant Walk"   oil  22" x 28" -2009 Juried into the WAOW National Membership show at the Saks Gallery, Cherry Creek, CO.
2008 OPA National Membership Show at the Dana Gallery in Missoula, MT."Tree Top Treats"
Original is SOLD.
3 Prints are still abailable."Masai Mara Morning"  oil  16" x 20" - available
'Brush Gem' -  12" x 6" SOLD
African Guinea FowlAl Fresco" - 6" x 12" 
Rhinos at Lake Nakuro Kenya'Zebra Spa" - 12" x 24" oil
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image
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This was taken about 1986 at the Endangered Feline Breeding Compound where I cared and lead tours for the endangered cats. I'm holding a cat that had been de-clawed and de-fanged so it couldn't eat or tear up someone's furniture; they then decided they didn't want it.