Gallery of ILLUSTRATIONS by Linda Walker
I have illustrated three delightfully written books of children's poetry, authored by Linda Kandelin Chambers. I seldom take on a project like this but it was a pleasure to take time from my fine art to illustrate these beautifully written books for Linda.

Go to  to view information on the books, the author and where to find and purchase any of the books.  You may purchase a personalized book from Linda Chamber's site.

I have used different mediums to illustrate each book.
ABC Poetry  for grades 1 through 4, was the first book I've illustrated.  I used ink and colored pencil for a softer lighter style.

On the Farm is for  preschool and beginning readers. I use a combination of colored pencil and goauche for more saturated color.

Cheroot is for grades K-4. I used gouache & watercolor for a soft more painterly look.

Each of these books  have an illustrated glossary and Cheroot includes both an appendix and a glossary which is a wonderful learning tool for your youth.