I amaze myself, when painting the miniatures, with how much i can get into such a tiny space. Miniatures are no easier to paint than larger paintings and actually seem to take more time per square inch. I  work with a magnifying glass & I have been able to  do finished paintings on  piano keys. Most are on the outer edges of size requirements (no larger that 25 square inches) for the purist miniature shows.
"Egret"   oil   3" x 5" - SOLD - won second at the Casper, WY miniature show "Zebra"  oil   2&1/2" x 4" - SOLD"Prickly Pair"   oil"Quail" oil - available"Bobcat Kitten"  oil  - SOLD"Bouquet"   oil    6" x 4"  - SOLD"Good Fishing Place"   oil  - available'Pasture Pals' -oil-3"x5"
SOLD at the 2011 Segil 10th Annual Small Works Show
These paintings are usually smaller  in size & more quickly done. They often fall into the category of daily paintings, as in painting daily not  (at least for me) a painting a day. That's another group I greatly admire - the daily painter group.  When I attempt it I always go back & work more  and usually finish but I have been successful at completing one only a few times.
'Butterfly' 5" x 7" - SOLD
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image
At times I like to try other mediums. I had my right hand operated on & during recovery I needed something to  do that would not use as much pressure as oil painting & I've always liked the looks of scratchboard  it seemed a good time to try it. It's very much like etching in that it is  an image lightly scratched on a clay coated board which is then covered with black india ink. I've grown very fond of this medium.
"Ram"  5" x 7"  scraqtchboard
My very first try.  This has been juried into the WAOW show in TX. "Screech Owl"  5" x 7"
scratchboard - Color enhanced with hand painted eyes & mouth. 
"Gazelle" 7"x5" - Sold"Cheetah" - 5" x 7" - Scratchboard - "Birdie?" - 5" x 7" Scratchboard"Paint" - 5" x 7" - Scratchboard - Sold
"Monarch" - 5" x 7" Scratchboard "Squirrel" - 7" x 5" - Scratchboard - Sold
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image