Wild Kittens
Cats are one of my favorite subjects to photograph & paint, especially the babies.  I got much of my reference from Wild Eyes Wildlife. It allowed me to watch these animals in a natural habitat .
"Roughhouse" - oil  12" x 16" - SOLD"Stumped" oil  24" x 12"  - available"Three's Company"  oil 11" x 14" - at the Hensley Gallery
Wild Wildlife
"Artic Wolf"  oil  qq" x 14"  - SOLD"Distant Sound"  oil  12" x 16" - available"Looking for Trouble"  oil  12" x 9" - SOLD -  (shown at Salamugundi show)"Leap From the Past"  oil  18" x 20" - Private Collection (giclee prints are available)
Not that the rest of wildlife isn't wild just that these are predators. Again I got my reference for the wolves at Wild Eyes and the leaping bobcat from the Exotic Breeding Compound where I volunteered (the petroglyphs came from outside of  Moab).
Although these are not predators they must be respected both as a danger to us and we as a danger to them. Gathering reference about these animals, within their  natural habitat, takes me to the world's best places. I am starting a series of the wild animals that are around our home in MN - the milder, peskier kind like deer, squirrels & raccoons (if we have to live with them they might as well make themselves useful.
"Looking After Sis"  oil  16" x 20" - sold"Summer Shade"  oil  12" x 16" - sold (giclee prints are available)"Cool & Peacful"  oil  20" x 16" - available"Cradled in the past" - oil  15" x 30" - Displayed at the juried show at Red River Valley Museum, TX (my Ute basket which has been in the family for many years)"Friend or Foe?" - oil 18" x 20" -sold "Flower Child"   oil  12" x 16" -available (my collection but woud part with) - giclee prints are available.'Precarious Perch' 28" x 22"
Gold Medal Award Winner at the 2010 San Dimas Wildlife Art Festival.
I perched this Desert Bighorn on a high cliff to illustrate how endangered this species is."Elk"  6" x 12"   oil  SOLD
"Buffalo" 8" x 10" - oil - Sold
Birds, Butterflies & Moths
So far I am not separating the exotic from the wild birds. I have several species that I will be painting from my African trip & from our growing interest in feeding the wild birds on our deck and seeing the water birds on our lake, but as of now I haven't done any of them. I have been in the top 100 of the Federal Duck Stamp competition 3 times and will try again, possibly next year.
I've added butterflies & moths because I'm finding a fascination for painting them.
"Family Outing"   oil   12" x 16" - sold (giclee prints available)"Grand Entry"   oil   9" x 12" -Hensley Gallery (see resume page)"Quail"  oil   4" x 5" - available"Snowy Owl"  oil  11" x 14" - available"Patience"  oil  12" x 16" -available"Silent Vigil"   oil   11" x 14"  - Private Collection (giclee prints are available in my print gallery)"Egret"   oil   3" x 5" (miniature) - SOLD'Party Of Three'  12"x 24"
Available through PaintAmerica - Paint tne Parks.
Also chosen as a finalist for the Artist's Magazine 2010 Annual Competition."Guinea Hen" 12" x 6" oil
I was facinated by this bird while in Africa."Sentry"  12" x 9" oil
A crow watches over the thermal grounds in Yellowstone.'Fool the Eye (Lo Moth)' 
 6" x 12"  oil

SOLD"Winter Blue" 16" x 12" oil
"Pretty In White" 12" x 9" - oil
Thank you for visiting this gallery of North American paintings. If you have questions about my artwork, show or workshop schedule please email me.
I am fishing on our lake in MN. We built here about 5 years ago and we're so happy with the view, wildlife and area. I'm holding Bubba, a little Minnesota black dog that we found hitch hiking and  who has become a major part of our family.
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image