"Rodeo Veteran"  oil   11" x 14"   Available"Horn Section"   oil   12" x 16"
Available"840 Rock N Roll"  oil  11" x 14" Sold"Buttons" 12" x 9"  oil
Our new calf out of our nice heifer by a great rodeo bull called Rough Stock. She is a real character.
The bulls that are seen here are the stars of the bull riding tours. I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with a few of those that raise these magnificent animals. It is amazing to see 200 of these animals in a pasture.  I will be doing more on this subject.
Original Paintings
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"Bar C"   Pencil  14" x 11 commission - Sold"Unforgettable"  pencil  14" x 11"  commission - Sold"Ten Bears" 14" x 11"  pencil commission - Sold"840 Rock & Roll" - pencil - 14" x 11"   commission - Sold'Marty' 11" x 14" - SOLD'840 Rock n Roll' 11" x 14" SOLD
Commissioned works
Rodeo Bulls
Horses have been a favorite subject of mine for many years although I have not done many paintings of them. They have been my favorite animal since I was a child and I owned them for many years. I have only in the past couple of years started painting them again, possibly because I no longer own them. I will definitely be doing more on this subject and we are starting to look for some to bring back into our lives - life is better with horses.
"Wild Country Storm" oil 12" x 16" Sold "Morning Off" oil 6" x 12" available"Two Up"  oil  14" x 18" available - to show at the 17th Annual 2013 San Dimas western Show.
Energy, power & beauty. These are true gentle giants who give their all. "Hot Summer Days"  oil  9" x 12"  available"Desert Sand" oil 9" x 12" available"Cold Play"  oil  12" x 16" Unavailble for sale at this time"Opal's Gold" 9" x 12" oil
Our mare Opal's Gold with her new filly Fanny - a gorgeous red dun. She had her in Oregon.'Breezing' 16" x 20"
Merit Award at WAOW Membership show.
Juried into the Oil Painters of America's Eastern Regional show and shown at the Walls Gallery in Naples, FL.'Bronc' 9" x 12"  SOLD
'Freedom' 11" x 14" oil Sold
Juried into the Bosque Art show in TX - see home page for details.
"Lady Waiting"  oil 14" x 11" available"Grady"   oil   16" x 20
private collection"Tough Enough"  oil  15" x 30" private collection"Ancient Light"  oil  10" x 24" Private Collection - Best of oils for the WAOW International Invitational at the George Orr Museum, Biloxi, MS"Waiting to Dance" oil 11" x 14" available"4 Corners"  oil 12" x 9"  Sold"Family Ties" 12" x 9" - oil
A gathering of items shared between a father & son.
I seldom paint people or still lifes although this isn't because I don't like to,  just that there always seems to be another animal out there calling to me.
Thank you for visiting this gallery feel free to email me about my artwork.
Portraits and Still life
This is a photo of myself and my boy Buck in 1975. A terrific Buckskin Quarter Horse that I raised.
I was just starting to take my painting serious & Buck was a wonderful way to relax & get out of the studio.
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image
Thumbnails are cropped, click on the image to view the full image